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The 3DP Coin Team

This is a combination of high technology industries working together with the blockchain, 3d printing, and green technology to be profitable with a conscience.

We are a collective of diverse entrepreneurs from across the world and we believe that team work makes the dream work.

Daniel Clark

CEO, Folsom, CA, USA

Daniel is an Inventor/entrepreneur that has run multiple R&D projects, not limited to solar grade silicon particles through a 3D Printer.

The collaboration was with Liverpool University, Simon Scott, and Renishaw U.K.

He holds a patent on 3D Printed Solar Energy and a Provisional Patent on 5D Part Growing.

He has an A.S. in Business and Finance and a Solar Technology Certificate from American River College.

SJ Park

SJ is a open Physicist and teammate from the Dream Team.

He holds a (Ph.D.), in Solid State Physics and a Master of Science in Semiconductor Physics.

He is CEO of Owl Works which makes the Morpheus 3D Printer.

He is also CEO of RYUJIN LAB and has past experience with multiple projects regarding solar grade silicon crystallization.

Team Owl Works utilizes a LCD photo mask in the Morpheus 3d printer with no size limitations.

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