//Blockchain Goals & Benefits
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Blockchain Goals

  • Hire Dream Team Developers

  • Worlds first Decentralized STL File Sharing with Metadata, ( such as authorship and copyright information).

  • Penetrate a 12 Trillion Dollar Manufacturing Industry.

    U.S. Navy Considers a 3D Printer Blockchain Technology Connection

  • Embed smart contract code to job, asset, and coin through a programmable interface provided by 3DP Coin.

  • Accelerate enterprise adoption of block chain technology through innovation

Blockchain Benefits

  • Prevention of corporate & industrial espionage in industries not limited to 3d printing.

  • 400,000 transactions per second (TPS) capacity compared to Visa’s 56,000 TPS.

  • Safety, confidentiality, and traceability

  • Ability to merge assets, coins, invoices, and files

  • Ensure information cannot be forged or modified

  • Cross-organizational collaboration and imaginative new business models

  • Open, scalable platforms and services that any business—from ledger startups to retailers to 3D printing providers to global banks—can use to improve business practices.